Rules & Criteria



WSA Family annual conference (hereinafter known as the Annual Conference) will be held in order for members to discuss about future business opportunities and collaborations.


Attending the Annual Conference plays a vital role so members could see what had the network achieve as well as the growth of the network.


Only legally registered company in respective country are eligible to be part of the network and not blacklisted in any form of database.


Member's are strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Conference organised and attendance to the Annual Conference is compulsory on every alternate year.


Annual membership fees needed to be paid in full when it's due.


WSA Family welcomes all members around the world, therefore members are encourage to introduce potential members to the network.


WSA Family encourage members to accurately list down all certifications and/or licenses held by as a tool to help promote your good company.


WSA Family does not refrain its member in joining other similar network at the same time we also welcome members of other existing network in joining us.


All members to act in a way where all members are respected and members are strictly forbid to be rude in any form to all members. This will lead to termination of membership with immediate effect.


Members to update WSA if there's changes to any registered details.


Restriction of 2 - 4 members applies to all country and exceptions to larger countries like USA, Europe, Russia, China, Brazil, India and Vietnam.


WSA Family reserves all rights to change the limit of members stated of each country without needed any further explanations or notices.


All membership fees and Trust Fund Fees shall be paid in full once due.


Payments must be fully paid by Members before they will be recognised as Members of WSA Family.


Payment to members as per invoice should be made on time and if there's continuous complaints received from members regarding bad paymaster, your membership will be suspended with immediate effect without any refund made.


If there's any pending payment between our members, WSA Family admin will assist members in debt collection before proceeding to Trust Fund compensation process.


Any form of legal fees incurred due to commencing legal proceedings to and from are not claimable.


Trust Fund contributions are compulsory to all members regardless of primary or subsidiaries company.


Minimum claimable sum is USD200.00 and the maximum claimable sum is USD12,000.00. The claimable amount is subjected to whether the company has submitted all supporting documents for the said claims to WSA Family. The documents submitted will be reviewed by our management team and final claimable amount will be release by WSA Family if the claim is acceptable.


Only members who contributes to the Trust Fund annually as well as membership fee are allowed to utilise the Trust Fund.


All relevant documents supporting the proposed claim requested must be submitted to WSA Family before claim being made. A clear and precise detailed summary must be submitted alongside with the documents to WSA Family of how the proposed claim occur.


Membership Fees of Trust Fund contributions that are not paid within 3 reminders may result to termination of membership.


Members are strictly prohibited to misused their membership to obtain information that are strictly open to members only to circulate or distributes in any form of medium.


WSA Family may terminate any member that breach the Rules and Regulations of WSA Family with immediate effect without the need of any form of notices, reasons and/or explanations.


No refund of membership fees and Trust Fund contributions will be refunded if member terminates, termination by WSA Family or withdraw its membership with WSA Family.


Attendees wishing to cancel the attendance to the annual conference must notify organiser at least 2 weeks in advance. Cost will not be refunded in cash but a contra to next year's membership fee or conference fee. 100% of credit will be awarded if cancellations were made 1 month prior; no refundable credit will be grant if cancellation is made 2 weeks before.


WSA Family strictly prohibits members from setting up any form of network with the same interests as WSA Family when your membership is still valid and it will lead to immediate termination of membership without any form of refund.


Termination of membership shall be sent to us in written notice before the membership renewal cycle if you do not wish to continue with the membership for the following year.


Only current members are permitted to use WSA Family logo for any purposes.


Members shall display WSA Family network logo on all business communication platforms ie websites, email sign off, social media, and etc.


Amendments on website's content, rules and regulations will be notified ahead to all members in written either through email and/or websites info page. It will take effect after 30 days of notification.


Members are automatically bound by WSA Family rules and regulations upon successful registration and payments.


Members are required to always oblige to WSA Family rules and regulations otherwise it can result to total exclusion from the network.


We do not take any responsibilities for bad debts with companies introduced through any form of medium by our in house agents that did not registered as WSA member.


Members are prohibited to introduced non WSA member to our in house agents through WSA social media platform.


WSA social media platform acts to ease members from getting in touch with each other in business collaboration and members are prohibited to misused the platform to be a personal communication platform to get in touch with our in house agents. After 3 notifications to the member, WSA admin reserves the right to terminate the membership without any refund will be given.

About WSA

WSA Family provides platform filled with potential opportunities and collaborations in order to offer more business opportunities to our fellow members. We will ensure all members are treated well and respected without any prejudicial comments or discriminations. GLOBAL CORPORATION # EXPERIENCES # TRUSTWORTHINESS #

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